Sichtbarer Erfolg ist Ihre beste Motivation

1. Personal training

Training session 60 minutes


Would you like to get the very best out of each training session? My personal training session offers tailored, one-to-one attention: always with the right balance of planning, advice, teaching, correction and motivation.


But don’t take my word for it. Take a free, no-commitments trial session instead.


2. Session planning

Individual training plan

Introduction session 60 minutes
Retest 60 minutes


Would you like a training programme designed specifically to meet your personal needs and wishes, while remaining free of fixed timetables and able to train at your own pace? My training plan offers you an introductory session to your individual programme, followed – after four to six weeks – by a retest designed to let us check up jointly on your new level of fitness. Only a planned training programme can help ensure success in this respect. Arrange for a no-commitments appointment to talk about your first step in the process.

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