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Would you like to get fitter, with training that you actually enjoy?

Sandra Fässler Fitness Coaching is a service designed equally for the health-conscious woman who wants to tone up her figure, the committed businessman with a desire to hone his performance and increase his vigour, the serious sports enthusiast with a need for expert advice on the subject of strength and stamina, and for anyone with a wish to increase their quality of life or recover more quickly from illness or accident.


Sandra Fässler Fitness Coaching offers made-to-measure professionally-planned programmes designed to let you fulfil your own personal objectives quickly and efficiently, with training activities that you can really enjoy. You decide when and where your training is to take place: in the fitness centre, in your own home, or even at an idyllic outdoor location. I then develop your individual programme by taking various modules to design a series of training sessions for delivery one-to-one.


Sandra Fässler

Fully-qualified fitness trainer with BSA academy diploma

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