Sichtbarer Erfolg ist Ihre beste Motivation

My training philosophy

Movement is the optimum antidote to day-to-day cares, working like balsam on the soul. And a properly-trained body is not just obvious to the eye; it also gives you satisfaction and vitality, heightens your self-esteem and provides you with the strength to carry things through.


My objective

My objective is to provide you with advice and support based on your personal needs. We cannot all boast the same physical potential or capabilities, but each and every one of us has the chance to bring out the best from within, while remaining happy and satisfied in the process.


My training methods

In order to make the sessions as effective as possible, we train on the principle of method changeover. This involves drawing up a training programme consisting of a fixed cycle that is repeated every four to six weeks. This allows us to set new training challenges on a regular basis, gently forcing the body’s muscles to readapt accordingly each time. Our optimum training results are based on consistent delivery, carefully-measured recovery time and a balanced diet.

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